My weekly picturebook – November

During these winter months it is hard to catch the daylight – at least with a job like mine. Because of that I am happy I am when I still get to see a little part of the sun setting down after work.

Christmas is approaching – faster every year. It is only the beginning of November but shops are already displaying Christmas decorations all around. Is it just me or would it be okay if we deal with that in December? After all, it’s a whole month.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? But these ones are so beautiful …

On the way home. Berlin is a city with many building sites. Once you live here, you learn that as soon as one is finished, the next one is about to open up. Always has been that way, probably always will be.  

Fancy-creative decorations at the bookstore where they sell these beautiful books pictured above. Good place to go to after work to get detached and inspired.

Happy November!


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