March favourites

I am excited – spring and summer are in the air and I will be happy once they really are here. For now it’s just the first signs. The air is warmer and it feels like everything will start to blossom soon. And I am also a bit surprised about myself. Because I *love* winter. Always have, always will. Winter to me is best with snow, a steaming hot cup of tea or chocolate, curled up in a comfortable place, close to a fire. But, I  admit, I am – for maybe the first time in my life – missing the longer spring and summer days, the evening sunsets, the green on the trees and flowers, the vegetables … and soon all that will come around again. Cannot believe that it is March and this year is starting its third month! Greeting the new year feels like yesterday …

I urgently need to bake this Chocolate-Zucchini Snack Cake and these carrott quinoa muffins

My song of the month

Two inspiring blog discoveries this month: A beautiful mess amazes one daily with new ideas for fashion, vintage and home decorations. Decor8 combines beautiful images of interiors and all things related with lovely posts and writing.

Also, this month I felt I needed to address some more serious issues ….

„All the opportunities we thought we were born with disappeared at a stroke“ – Portrait of the Generation Y, born between the beginning of the 1980s and the middle 1990s by the 18-year-old Aqbal Amiri

Last week, the French photographer Remi Ochlik died in Syria. He was just one of the many victims that the regime produces in the current unrests. His mission was to bring images from the reality over there to our protected environments, show us what is going on there. He was twenty-eight. Remi Ochlik tribute in pictures and an article in the guardian about him.

A quote from the former editior of the German weekly, ZEIT, a leading lady in journalism from 1960: „Was haben wir eigentlich mit der berühmten Freiheit, die wir alle doch besitzen, angefangen? Gegentlich scheint es so, als würde sie nur dazu benützt, den optimalen Verbraucher zu züchten, damit das Gesetz der Massenproduktion, das den höchsten Lebensstandard garantiertm praktiziert werden könne.“
If she wrote this in 1960 … how long have we been living like this? And how long will it take to change?

A view from my kitchen window just last week … yes, I still saw snow … and soon it shall be green again. Happy printemps!


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