The first tree

It was just one of these days today – you leave the office, you’re upset because the evening is too short anyway but you stayed even longer ‚coz you wanted to finish something that was really important (was it really that important? seriously?) and you’re a little mad at yourself ‚coz it means that you’ll get home, grab just something to eat really fast (and probably rather unhealthy), write some mails, call a friend and then go to bed just to get up again the next morning to go to work.

But … if you’re lucky like me, you might be surpised! On my way home from work – not the one that I usually take that takes me straight to the train – but the one that requires a 10 minute walk right to the Brandenburg Gates, I was blown away when I crossed the corner and had this beautiful Christmas tree right in front of my eyes!


Yes, it is only the 21st of November, and yes, I will be sick of Christmas far too soon with all the shopping, all the music, all the people and all the trouble and all the decorations – but right in that very moment the tree was just perfect to turn my rather dull day into a good one!

And a peek about what’s coming up soon – Photos de Bruxelles! Yes, I visited some friends in the Belgian capital 2 weeks ago. Still need some work on the pics, but here’s a peek.

In the streets

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